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james holmes. we are just hours away from prosecutors unveiling their evidence in court. >> the biggest scandal to hit washington since washington. call it knee gate. >> seriously. >> what is one of the brightest stars doing in the game with a bum knee only to injure it again, maybe even worse? >> i cannot tell you how we have been discussing this this morning. it's a story. >> there is outrage. there is consternation in washington right after the fiscal cliff. can they get no reprieve after all the problems they've had? >> oh, my goodness. >> welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> nice to have you back. i'm zoraida sambolin. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. the president preparing for another bruising battle with republicans over his choice to head up the defense department. former republican senator, chuck haggle hagel of nebraska. he questioned israel and his unwillingness to back sanctions. listen to lindsey graham yesterday at the state you of the union. >> this is an in your face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what his manage
and video from inside the aurora theater. here's casey wian. >> reporter: 25-year-old james holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. prosecutors are expected to call scores of witnesses before arapaho county district judge william sylvester. he'll determine whether the evidence is sufficient for holmes to stand trial on more than 150 counts, including murder, attempted murder, and weapons charges. weapons included explosives allegedly used to booby-trap holmes' apartment. his attorneys are expected to present a diminish the mental capacity defense. >> the government is going to absolutely say this. the government is going to say, this guy wasn't crazy. he was crazy like a fox. he was conniving. he was premeditated. he was methodical. and that all may be true, but at the same time, you could be all those things, but you could also have a mental disease or defect. >> reporter: he had been seeing a psychiatrist at the university of colorado, where he was a doctoral candidate in neuroscience until'd dropping o in june. his attorneys say he was hospitalized in
to name his pick for the next secretary of deaf. today new details in the case against james holmes in the case of the movie theater shooting that killed 12 people at a colorado theater. plus hillary clinton gets back to work. what prince charles worries about. and a kangaroo on the loose. where else but australia. "early today" starts right now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> a very good morning to you. the white house confirmed today president obama will announce former nebraska senator chuck hagel as secretary of defense. it will be a rough road to confirmation for the vietnam vet who outspokenly posed the iraq war. meanwhile white house officials tell nbc news that mr. obama will also nominate his counterterrorism adviser, john brennan as the next cia chief. we're just learning that. tracie potts has more from washington on both nominations for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the brennan announcement we just got early this morning. he's a 25 year vet at the cia and went through his own bit of controversy when he was fi
hearings begins in colorado today, when a judge will decide james holmes will stand trial for murder. holmes will be in court this week. nbc's leann craig joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. hundreds of people are expected to attend the hearing where large amounts of previously sealed information will be revealed, including gruesome details of what happened inside the theater. more than five months after the theater massacre, attorneys will lay out the case against james holmes. >> the purpose of the preliminary hearing is to determine whether or not there's probable cause that he committed each and every one of the crimes against him. >> reporter: those crimes, killing 12 and injuring more than 70. jurors are expected to listen to witnesses. a ruling last week allows defense testimony about the suspect's mental state. >> one of the problems for the defense in the holmes' case is by going through the preliminary hearing much of the highly inflammatory and prejudicial evidence will be made public in open court. >> these proceedings occur as controversy swirls about the planne
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. >>> a courtroom of victims in the colorado shooting sat through another hearing to see in james holmes will stand trial. we have much more on the deadly trap set in holmes' apartment. >> reporter: after three days of testimony, james holmes' preliminary hearing is over. >> you had all that team to plan it writing, talk about it. no you're not ill. >> reporter: the plan included stockpiling weapons, ammunition and booby trapping his apartment. it involved a room full of trip wires, explosive materials and a gas loan soaked carpet. they said holmes left a remote outside the apartment hoping someone would pick it up and trigger an explosion that it with detract police. the theater shooting was played out in the 911 tape. >> hard to think of livesng torn apart. >> reporter: the defense said they will not call witnesses and the judge will decide if the case goss trial. many of the survivors believe holmes should be up for the death penalty. >> many people know that's what justice s you can't get away with killing 12 people. >> today the prosecutor showed several photos james holmes took on his phone.
. the prosecutor says james holmes wasn't even close to what he intended to do. >>> plus, boston declares a public health emergency. this is pretty troubling. it's not just there. is there a flu epidemic in this country? uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. and save hundreds with our best offer. get an adt security system starting at just $49 installed, but for a limited time only. that's an instant savings of $250. don't leave your family's safety to chance when you can take advantage of these savings now. call or visit adt.com/tv. both: i had a break-in. man: by the time we called the
shooting. prosecutors say james holmes intended to kill every single person inside the theert that night and "time" called new jersey governor the master of disaster. does it add up? let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, executive power. here's the vice president today talking about what the president is is going to do about guns. >> the president is going to act through executive orders, executive action can be taken. we haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> as i said, there are some out there who adore the second amendment, who are very worried about what joe biden just said. executive action can be taken. they're looking into it with the attorney general. what executive action can be taken? >> article 2 of the constitution gives the president the power to issue executive orders and it has been done a number of -- it started out slow. george washington proclaimed thanksgiving. >> i'
, colorado, moving theater shooting suspect james holmes in court this very moment, in fact. the first day of a preliminary hearing that could take all week. 12 people were killed and more than 50 others hurt in that attack and many of those wounded victims could be testifying during this hearing. he is facing astonishing 166 charges including murder and attempted murder and we are going to have a lot more on this case, particularly how do you defend him? huge question, huge strategies. that's coming up later. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. [ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds
is far from over. >>> three days of preliminary hearings have wrapped up in the case of james holmes. witnesses say holmes showed some emotion for the first time in court yesterday. they say he smirked as disturbing self-portraits were revealed by prosecutors. >>> and former penn state football coach jerry sandusky faces a new court hearing today. his lawyers want a new trial. they claim they didn't have enough time to prepare for trial because prosecutors gave them a flood of material at the last minute. he was convicted on 45 counts last june and serving 30 to 60 years in state prison. >> the judge can rule from the bench or issue a written statement or written decision later. but nothing is changing in this case. this is all just kind of theatrics in a way or what? >> it's not a bad argument that they didn't have time to prepare, because it was sort of rushed and they kept on asking for continuances, and the judge -- because i was covering that trial, and the judge denied every single request. but with so many boys coming forward, i mean, so many allegations, the convictions on so
they first saw james holmes. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, saving sergeant hagel. president obama raring for a fight over his defense secretary nominee. you may say why there a fight? on paper, this guy is pretty incredible. looks like he would be a lock for a job that usually is one with pretty much 100% of the senate voting aye. military experience, check that box. he would be the first enlisted man and first vietnam vet to serve as secretary of defense, he was wounded in combat and he earned two purple hearts. business and management experience, after all, the pentagon is a huge organization. check. hagel cofounded a company called van guard cellular systems which made him a multimillionaire. and knowing how to get things done in washington. check on that. hagel served two terms as a u.s. senator from nebraska and served as deputy administrator of the veterans administration. plus he's a republican nominated by a democrat, so it sounds pretty perfect, right? today, president obama told the nation why he loved chuck hagel. >> in t
the james holmes preliminary hearing in tears. some wish that james holmes would plead guilty. >> what i'd like to see is throw him in a room with a toilet and nothing else, a window that he can at least see that the day is passing, and that's it. no bed, nothing. and let him just sit with his thoughts. >> even more stunning was the most skripg tif explanation of the explosive boobie-trap that he left in his apartment. he mixed the explosives himself, including explosive powders and napalm and saturated his car in gasoline and oil and rigged containers to explode. james holmes' apartment is at the top and according to an fbi bob technician, he said that holmes told him that he took a boom box and remote control car and placed it outside of a garage car. he said there was a cd that he made. the first 40 minutes was silent to timed out to start playing very loud music. holmes hoped that somebody would come over to that trash bag and then see the remote control car and start playing with it. except that remote control was was not triggered to move the car. it was triggered to set off a devi
at the prosecution's case against james holmes. and that's first from fox this monday night. it was a painfully difficult day in the courtroom where aurora, colorado police officers testified the victims were crying out for help. blood all over the place. the movie still playing overhead. cell phones ringing. chaos all around the families of the massacre victims hearing emotional testimony from those who rushed to save their loved ones lives. taking some to hospitals in their patrol cars with as they put it blood sloshing on the floor board. investigators say james holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 more when he opened fire at the midnight premier of the dark night rises. today was the beginning of a preliminary hearing to determine whether that case should go to trial. until now, prosecutors have kept many of the gruesome details of the shooting very much under wraps. details such as this from an officer who cried as he told the court how he checked for a a pulse on the youngest of the victims a 6-year-old girl but found nothing. outside the courthouse the father of a woman who spent month
third story "outfront" a deviant trap. prosecutors in aurora, colorado say 25-year-old james holmes set a deadly trap at his apartment. it was designed to kill police officers. he did that just before he went to the movie theater on july 20th and allegedly killed 12 people. on the second day of holmes' preliminary hearing, a crowded courtroom also heard the 911 calls from the night of the shooting. ed lavandera has the latest. >> they're saying somebody's shooting in the auditorium. >> reporter: the first 911 call came from inside theater nine just 18 minutes after the start of "the dark knight rises." the call lasted just 27 seconds. the caller's words drowned out by the sounds of constant boom, boom, boom. 30 gun shots could be heard in that one call alone. six minutes later, the shots have stopped. a teenaged relatively of 6-year-old veronica sullivan calls 911, in tears the girl struggles to explain how veronica can't breathe. the dispatcher tells her to start cpr and the girl could only respond "i can't hear you, it's too loud, i'm sorry." veronica would be the youngest victim to d
they say james holmes took of himself in a colorado movie theater before last summer's massacre. >> now a judge will decide if holmes is going to stand trial for the mass shooting. it's thursday, january 10. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good thursday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i love when you say that. >> keep things casual. it's the middle of the night. >> and i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. and three days of hearings in the case against james holmes have finally wrapped up, and the defense didn't call a single witness. get the latest in our top story. which kind of surprised me. >> really, not one? >> yeah, just for the sort of mental illness piece of it. >> kind of telling, though. not one witness. >> if you're the defense team, why don't you put that out there for the prosecution so you can use it as leverage during the plea negotiations. >>> also, a major city declares a health emergency as the flu spreads like wildfire. the virus is spreading across the country and we haven't even hit the peak of flu season. >>> and license to thrill. why a lawma
in san francisco. as drivers now have to shell out change. to park in the city on sundays. james holmes. the suspect in the colorado movie theater [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> james holmes, shooting. is expected to appear in court tomorrow. holmes is the man accused of killing twelve people and injuring nearly 70 others when he opened fire at a theater in aurora colorado last july. during this preliminary hearing the prosecutors will outline their case against holmes and the judge will then decide if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. holmes faces multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is returning to work on mo
. >>> in colorado a week-long preliminary hearing is under way for james holmes, the lone gunman charged with killing those in an aurora movie theater. the graphic testimony is the most detailed account yet of what happened that tragic night. >> reporter: more than 100 victims' relatives and victims' survivors packed a courtroom and two overflow rooms to hear details of the case against james holmes, disheveled and bearded in court and seemingly uninterested in the proceedings. the young police officer who put holmes outside the theater that night described him minutes after the shooting stopped as very, very relaxed, like there weren't normal emotional responses to anything. he seemed very detached. squentd police witnesses describe the unspeakably gruesome scene he left behind, that left 12 dead and some 70 dead. officer who transported six to the hospital in his own car, broke down when asked why he kept returning to the theater. >> i didn't want them to die, he said, barely whispering. >> reporter: sergeant broke down when he recalled finding no pulse when he checked the youngest vic
killed and dozens more were wounded. the police arrested james holmes at the scene. from the beginning the judge barred discussion of the case, but today a hearing began in which witnesses testified publicly for the first time. the hearing is to determine whether there's enough evidence to put holmes on trial for murder. barry petersen has been in the courtroom all day and joins us now outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, barry? c >> reporter: well, scott, it has been an emotional day.y. experienced police officers who were first on the scene sometimes breaking down as they described the horror of what w they saw: victims of families in the courtroom sobbed, but james holmes sat impassively through it all. holmes was led in with hair cut short and he has a beard. the first witness was officer jason oviatt. offic he spotted holmes dressed in full body armor standing by a white car in the parking lot. realizing that holmes was not a cop, oviatt drew his gun andt a arrested him. "he was very relaxed" he said. "there was no normal emotional response.o he seemed very detached fr
images of james holmes just before the shooting that killed 12 and wounded 58. leanne gregg reports from century ten y'all. >> reporter: a last-minute surprise. james holmes' defense team bowed out from presenting evidence or calling witnesses who could speak to the suspect's mental state. the abrupt ending to the hearing comes after three days of compelling prosecution evidence. cell phone pictures holmes took of himself hours before the shootings. one with dyer red hair, black contact lenses and sticking his tongue at the camera. another smiling at the muzzle of the glock handgun in the frame. >> he had black eyeglasses on and he looked evil. he just sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >>> at the hearing evidence of the 31 gunshots during the 20-second call. investigators outlined how holmes spent weeks preparing for the attack. preordering his movie tickets and booby trapping his apartment with explosives to draw first responders away from the theater. now, the next step in the legal process, a trial with the possibility of a death penalty or a plea deal that would save the co
a james holmes. >>> cristina l. con los detalles. >>> sobrevivientes y familiares escucharon los detalles mÁs grÁficos hasta ahora de la trÁgica madrugada del 20 de julio. >>> fue mi primera vez que lo pude ver y me sentÍa sin aire, me dio mucha tristeza saber persona fue la que le hizo tanto daÑo a toda mi familia y a todos mis conocidos. >>> en la maÑana agentes que acudieron al cine tuvieron que contener las lÁgrimas al hablar de la cantidad de sangre que corrÍa por el suelo, desesperaciÓn de las vÍctimas y la actitud frÍa de james holmes al ser arrestado, que hoy se presentÓ sin barba y sin el cabello pintado. >>> lo mirÉ, pero no tenÍa interÉs en mirar a la gente. >>> el juez debe determinar si hay suficiente evidencia para realizar un juicio sobre holmes que enfrenta mÁs de 160 cargos de asesinato en primer grado, la defensa tratarÍa de evitarlo por todos los medios. >>> nunca quieres llegar a terminar un juicio, todo el mundo sabe que este muchacho como es un caso perdido el juicio lo van a encontrar culpable. >>> dice que no hay mÁs sospechosos de la masacre que
, colorado, and james holmes. he is the man accused of opening fire in a crowded aurora, colorado, movie theater. he is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. >>> also on monday, a lot of focus on hillary clinton. as soon as tomorrow, the secretary of state could be back at work. as you recall, doctors discharged her from the hospital last week after getting treated for that blood clot that was found in her brain. she is expected to be at work some time this week. we're not sure if it will be tomorrow or not. >>> on thursday, hugo chavez will be making news. he is supposed to be inaugurated to his first term but casting some doubt on whether or not he's actually going to make it, according to venezuelan officials he is still in cuba "fighting for his health." >>> and on saturday a big weekend of entertainment begins. the 2013 miss america pageant, that is live on abc. always a fun one to watch. the golden globes on sunday, one of my favorites, the ceremony, the 70th annual golden globe awards on nbc. it's hosted this year by amy poehler and tina fey. they're both very f
hearing, kind of like a mini trial to decide if the case can go to trial. the suspect james holmes charged killing 12 people and wounded 58 others. some paralyzed for life. one still in a coma, a gunshot wound to the brain. yesterday police officers broke down crying on the stand, still haunted by all of the bodies and puddles of blood and threw out all the tearful testimony, observers say he stared straight ahead. alicia is with us and stunning details how prepared this suspect was? >> 6,295 rounds of ammunition purchased by james holmes in the lead up to the shooting. that is according to a atf supervisor. add that to the tear gas, ballistic gear and handcuffs he had. on cross-examination his defense attorney asked him is there any process in colorado to vaccine out whether mentally ill person is purchasing these items and the answer was no. a bomb tech showed photos of my of his booby-trapped apartment and they found a trip wire set over a frying pan full of an ignitor. his carpet was covered with ammonium chloride powder and that with gasoline and oil. three jars connected with quick f
: let's move on to the next one. >> it's hard to imagine that aurora shooter james holmes would have any admirers, but of course there are twisted people on the planet who think he's not a bad guy. one of them is 30-year-old missy benjamin and said she had a crush on him and created a facebook page that says compassion for all including james holmes, and it has 22 likes. can you imagine even one person? 22 blows my mind. missy benjamin said the following. when i first saw him i was physically attracted to him. i thought oh crap, i think he's cute. it seems crazy but i'm not crazy crazy. >> cenk: wrong again, bob, i think she might be crazy. she might have some issues. if her attraction to james holmes is weird but irrelevant, it doesn't mean that he's a good guy. it seems weird to be reaching out for love in all the wrong places. >> it happens all the time, sympathy for the devil. >> i do have a smidge of compassion for james holmes. >> cenk: wow you're outlibbing us. >> i think he's mentally ill. it has not been determined yet but if a person is a victim of what is going on in their he
. we saw evidence today that james holmes spent weeks planning his attack on that movie theater in aurora, colorado, last july. 12 people were killed and 70 injured. in a hearing this week prosecutors have been trying to show that there is enough evidence to try holmes for murder. manuel bojorquez was in the courtroom. >> reporter: prosecutors presented cell phone photos james holmes took of himself hours before the movie theater attack. one photograph showed him holding a pistol, his hair dyed orange, a grin on his face. another showed him sticking his tongue out. holmes smiled when it was displayed for the court. it was his first visible reaction to any evidence presented over three days of testimony. shooting victim yousef gharbi was in the courtroom. >> he looked like he was having a great time taking those pictures. i mean, he must have been pretty excited about going to do the shooting. >> reporter: prosecutors also showed photos of the theater they said holmes took about a month before the shooting. they included the door police say holmes propped open so he could reenter
hearing that got under way today for james holmes, the lone gunman charged with killing 12 people in the aurora, colorado movie theater during the latest screening of the "batman" movie in july. mike taibbi is with us tonight from centennial, colorado. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. they're calling it a mini trial and here's why. if prosecutors don't seek the death penalty and haven't said yet and james holmes pleads guilty to all of the charges and accepts a sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole, there may never be a trial. more than 100 victims' relatives and victims' survivors packed the courtroom and two overflow rooms to hear details of the case against james holmes, dishelveled and bearded in court and seemingly uninterested in the proceedings. the young police officer who put holmes in handcuffs outside century 16 theater number 9 that night described him just minutes after the shooting stopped as very, very relaxed, like there weren't normal emotional responses to anything. he seemed very detached. but subsequent police witnesses des
against james holmes. >> plus members of congress starting to take aim at guns. we'll see what new laws are being proposed to keep the public safe. >> and could victims of superstorm sandy - finally ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. >> when parking around san franciscoyou will now need to feed the meter seven days a week. today marks the first day of sunday parking enforcement in the city. kron 4's mike pelton shows us how much money the city drivers are reacting to the change. >> you are going to start to needed to pay on sunday. >> it is overwhelming. >> there seems to be nothing free. sunday was a relaxing day another wanted to charge you for that it does not seem right. >> you can pay and park for the amount of four hours. genuine britain tickets will begin a january 27th between now, and then, warning tickets will be issued. however, written -- tickets will be issued january 27th. >> this mana
james holmes. hours before the alleged shooting spree in a colorado theater you will hear about the disturbing images he took of himself with an iphone before police say he attacked movie goers. >>> the best in the country once again. we're going to tell you the distinction that maryland public schools received for the fifth straight year. >>> and lawmakers back in session and already on the table? higher prices for you at the gas pump. we have more on how a higher gas tax could be in the works on this thursday, january 10th. "good morning maryland" i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. the weather might make you happy. >> nothing to be upset about with that lynette. >> especially into the weekend guys, 60 and 65? wow. i'm tell you. lot of people like that a lot of people want the snow. denver itself may see some snow for the game. but for the morning you're stepping outdoor wondering what you will be encountering and encountering temperatures that are cool and well above average especially the 40s in clarksville and also frederick this morning
, colorado movie theater will appear in court for preliminary hearing. james holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounded dozens more. this week the public may hear about some of the evidence against him for the very first time. prosecutors are expected to call scores of witnesses. the judge will determine if there's enough evidence forever holmes to stand trial. his attorneys are expected to present a diminished mental capacity defense. >>> gun violence is going to be a hot-button issue with the new congress. on the first day last week, law enforcement introduced nearly a dozen bills related to gun but big political obstacles do remain. cnn's athena jones reports on that. >> reporter: as students as sandy hook elementary returned to class, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, nearly killed in a mass shooting two years ago, visited newtown, connecticut and on capitol hill lawmakers arrived to begin a new session of congress with members in both chambers taking aim at guns. >> this is a fight that the american people are going to have to stand up and stiffen their spine. >> repor
hearing as they outline their case against accused mass murderer james holmes. meantime the lawyers for james holmes are expected to present an insanity defense of a point he hadly asking a key witness about this issue during yesterday's freddings. the hearings will determine if there is enough evidence to put holmes on trial for murdering 12 people and wounding dozens more. alicia acuna is live with the latest outside the courthouse. this is difficult to hear the details what transpired in that movie theater in july. even for veteran police officer detailing the story it has been very emotional. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: it has been particularly for them. sergeant matthew files was on the stand yesterday and is on the stand again today. he is the third member of law enforcement. he is with aurora pd, he is the third member of law enforcement to break down on the stand. he will finish his testimony as the hearing gets underway this morning here in centennial, colorado. he is doing listing of each person who was injured in the theater last july and how they were w
is competent to stand trial. a detective is due to testify about james holmes' strange behavior after he was arrested. his testimony comes a day after some chilling 911 calls were played in the courtroom. >> shooting at century theaters. they are saying somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> now, that detective is expected to say that holmes prevended that bags on his hands were puppets. he also says holmes tried to jam a staple into an electrical outlet and that the pupils of his eyes were dilated. southland. we'll take you live to the courthouse in aurora, colorado in our next hour. >>> colleges all over california are preparing for the possibility of a school shooting. coming up at 7:47, the drill for more than dozen two schools that simulated a mass shooting on campus. >>> 7:35. city college of san francisco will likely miss an important deadline to avoid losing its accreditation. the school has until march 15th to come up with a plan to fix all its financial problems. it already made several changes including bringing in more experienced leaders and improving its budget manageme
details about the colorado movie theater massacre and the accused gunman, james holmes. the third day of the preliminary hearings getting underway now. casey is outside the courthouse. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, christine, the preliminary hearing has now concluded. there was dramatic testimony today, more evidence that the prosecution is trying to present saying james holmes was fully capable of what he was doing. pictures that were recovered from his iphone, four of them taken several weeks before the shooting of the inside of the movie theater and of the outside of the movie theater at about midnight, at about the time that that shooting took place. perhaps most dramatic pictures inside his apartment of himself with his hair bright red. he had black contacts in his eyes making him look very, very sinister. a couple of pictures showed him with grins on his face or his tongue sticking out. he was wearing some of the ballistic gear he wore. there were pictures of the explosive devices in his apartment to booby trap it. those bombs never went off. there was a dramatic photo
their case against the suspect, james holmes. the evidence they have so far we'll review that with you. >>> he is accused of plotting to bomb the new york city subway system. today the terror suspect makes his first appearance inside an american courtroom. >>> both democrats and republicans phase a fight over raising the debt ceiling. we're live with that story coming up. jon: google chairman eric schmidt is in north korea right now despite the state department's misgivings over the timing of his trip. it comes just weeks after that controversial rocket launch. schmidt's delegation says he wants a first-hand look at social media and the economy in the communist nation. washington though is questioning his motives. greg palkot is live in our london bureau with more on that. so what does he say this trip is all about, greg? >> reporter: well, jon, schmidt is a newcomer when it comes to north korea but he is going with experienced hands, that is, traveling with him, the former new mexico governor bill richardson. he has been there several times. he dealt with political issues there he hel
-- here's ed. >> reporter: six hours before james holmes burst into the theater nine, the accused killer snapped self-portraits using his iphone. these are sketches of the photographs shown in court wearing black eye contact, holmes smiled while holding a handgun near his face, fully dressed in the all black gear he'd wear into the theatre. in another, holmes bright orange hair is seen flaring out of a dark cap while he sticks out his tongue. james holmes smiled in court as he looked at the pictures of himself pop up on a tv screen. >> he was smiling, he was having a hard time controlling himself, but he's not crazy. one bit. he's very, very cold. he's very, very calculated. >> reporter: prosecutors spent the last three days laying out a detailed timeline. investigators say he started casing the theater about three weeks before the shooting. they say he came here and snapped pictures on his phone. it showed hallways and doors, even the exit area of theatre number nine. james holmes' plan feels more like the deranged creation of a fictional villain. he spent weeks -- times to detonate jus
against james holmes will go to trial. that is new today. and today families of the victims gave james holmes a piece of their minds. admitted delay in the plea hearing. have you heard about this? wait until you you hear about this vice president joe biden met with officials from the video game industry the day after the nra accused the white house of having a political agenda here. basically attacking the second amendment at not trying to take care of kids, that s what the nrale says. we will get to that at the mad bottom of the hour here on fox news channel, america's choicer for news. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. >> shepard: i'm shepherd smith. this is "studio b." the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. families crying in court and some walking out in disgust. even an emotional outburst shouting at shooting suspect james holmes "rot in hell." another very though the scheduled arraignment didn't even happen. the judge postponed the plea hearing until march after the defense team asked for more time. a judge ruled there is, indeed, enough evidence
. >>> good evening. on a day when accused aurora shooter james holmes listened to testimony about his brutal massacre while family members in the courtroom sobbed, on a day when still traumatized students in newtown, connecticut, were sent to school on the first monday of the year, this country is grappling with gun violence like never before. here is my position loud and clear. i am in favor of a nationwide ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and high quantity magazines and require dealers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows and i would like to see the president increase mental health funding for all americans who need it. these are entirely reasonable reactions to the outrages that have occurred in america over the last few months. tonight, i'll go head to head with a man who actually want to deport me for having these views. apparently, 104,000 americans are in agreement with him. >>> first, a preliminary hearing is on the way for james holmes, charged with using a military style semiautomatic weapon, killing 12 people. tell me about what happened today. >> reporter: well, go
for james holmes. holmes charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 others. at the week-long hearing, prosecutors will lay out their case and a judge will decide whether to send it to trial. many legal experts believe the evidence is simply so overwhelming. holmes will accept a plea deal. >>> growing concerns over a major flu outbreak. hospitals like this one in minnesota are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of the flu. some visitors are restricted or banned. and anyone with symptoms will get treatment without tests. we asked abc news, senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton how to avoid getting sick. >> the fda approved tamiflu for infants as young as 2 weeks of age. a big difference and speaks to how vulnerable children and infants are to the flu first most important thing, get a flu vaccine. it is not too late. still enough available. second thing, keep your hands, anything your hands touch, phones, keyboards clean as possible. that's how the virus is transmitted. very important to do that. >> that was abc's dr. jennifer ashton. who also by the way recommend
bright orange hair is seen flaring out of a dark cap while he sticks out his tongue. james holmes smiled in court as he looked at the pictures of himself pop up on a tv screen. >> he was smiling, he was having a hard time controlling himself, but he's not crazy. one bit. he's very, very cold. he's very, very calculated. >> reporter: prosecutors spent the last three days laying out a detailed timeline. investigators say he started casing the theater about three weeks before the shooting. they say he came here and snapped pictures on his phone. it showed hallways and doors, even the exit area of theatre number nine. james holmes' plan feels more like the deranged creation of a fictional villain. he spent weeks -- times to detonate just before he started the killing spree. >> i know this is all going to come down to, and whether he was crazy or not, whether he can stand trial because of his mental state. what other details were there on that front? i know they found some more proof of his planning of this attack on his smart phone. >> reporter: well, when you looked at that phone, there wer
in the president's second term. >>> in colorado, the evidence hearing against james holmes is over a couple days earlier than expected. the judge will decide tomorrow if the case will go to trial. homes is accused of opening fire inside that aurora, colorado movie theater last july killing 12 and injuring dozens. yesterday police say they found evidence that holmes cased the theater for weeks ahead of time. >>> and a race to free a pack of killer whales trapped in ice in a small canadian village in northern quebec. experts are being sent to the scene today to see what can be done to save them. if the hole they're using to breathe and say afloat freezes over, they will die. >> it's so sad and so stunning. >> in the next hour we will talk with william hurley about the effort to save these wheels. >>> roger clemens now knows what it's like to be on the receiving end. clemens and barry bonds shut out of the hall of fame. 75% of the votes are needed to get in clemens and bonds falling far short with less than 40% each. sosa barely registering 12%. no one got in, but craig biggio came closest. he appe
there is enough evidence for 25-year-old james holmes to face trial for killing 12 and wounding 58 in the july 28th massacre at an aurora colorado movie theater. the question tonight, will the former neuroscience grad enter an insanity plea? the judge delayed today's arraignment until march and did that to give the defense more time to consider the evidence. tom teeves' son alex was killed in the shooting jumped in front of his girl friend saving her life. his father was at the preliminary hearing in colorado this week and right before the show, i asked him what it was like to sit in the same room as james holmes. >> he murdered my son. as long as he stays locked up, i'll be fine. if he doesn't, i don't think he has any right to ever walk the streets, that's for sure. >> now, the courtroom was divided, the press couldn't see james holmes, but you could, how did he look? >> he has absolutely no interest or compassion for human beings, but he really digs guns, he really, really digs all the bombs he made, and the one human being he really dug, he was delighted when he saw the pictures of himself on
cpr. the teenager says i can't hear you. it's an exkrugsiating phone call. some wish that james holmes would simply plead guilty. >> i would like to see them throw him in a room with a toilet and nothing else, a window that he can at least see the day is passing and that's it. no bed, nothing. and let him just sit with his thoughts. >> reporter: even more stunning was the most descriptive explanation yet of the boobytrap holmes left in his apartment. according to an fbi bomb technician, he mixed and created the explosive chemicals himself, including explosive powders and live ammunition, and homemade napalm. he saturated his carpet in gasoline and oil and rigged an elaborate system of containers to explode. >> you're talking about that he rigged that elaborate system to explode. the way he did that was really bizarre and when i saw kind of what he did and what he thought might happen, i don't know, it gave a sense of how deviant his mind is. can you tell everyone about that? >> reporter: absolutely. remember, all of this, he had hoped, would have gone off before he started shooting in
. >> reporter: meanwhile, in centennial, colorado, this was day two of a preliminary hearing for james holmes who allegedly killed 12 people inside a movie theater last july. as the week-long proceedings opened on monday, relatives of the victims said they were looking for clarity. >> there's no way to understand this. there's no understanding it. but we'd like to at least want to know what happens. >> reporter: holmes is charged with more than 160 counts, including murder and attempted murder. the hearing will formally determine whether the case is strong enough to go to trial. for more on the hearings we turn to megan verlee. i spoke with her earlier today. megan, thank you very much for talking with us. first of all, tell us about the testimony you've been hearing so far today. >> well, today was devoted to two things. the first thing we heard in the morning were two 911 calls that came in at the very beginning of the attack. the first caller -- it was in fact the first call to 911, you can't hear the man who's called in, you juster that dispatcher saying "what's your address, what's your
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